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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. >> shuttle he be daevr about to make its final move through the streets of los angeles. shuttle flew over the bay area last month and the trip to the final destination is just beginning. >> also here at popular coffee chain is facing bank situation. we have that story. >> came from the sea. large eyeball found on the beach. later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". the vice-presidential candidates face off as joe biden and republican paul ryan go head to head with only 25 days left in this race for the white house. our team of political insiders our team of political insiders tells us who >> new at 11:00. officers in santa clara killed armed man threatening his own father. they received 2911 calls about loud argument on monroe street late last night. officers arrived and helped calm the situation but as they were leaving the argument started up again. that's when they say the 41-year-old man cut himself with a knife and then made a threatening gesture toward his 66-year-old father. all 3 officers fired their guns. the son was killed. neighbor whose known the family f
Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
endeavour continues it's crawl across los angeles, and mail thieves on the loose in the east bay. the video [applause] >> major delays as the space shuttle endeavour slowly moves through the streets of los angeles. good evening. we begin with developing news. it's been quite a show in los angeles tonight. we're taking a live look right now as space shuttle endeavour ever so slowly winds through the city, more than five hours behind schedule. right now it's at the corner of crenshaw and martin luther king, jr. beloved it's been there for the past few hours. it's headed to the science center. the journey through l.a. has been tricky, full of tight squeeze, this one forced dream trimmers to trim branches. endeavour is now estimated to arrive sometime after 5:00 a.m. we'll track its progress. >>> tonight an east bay neighborhood is on alert after a series of mail thefts. it's happening in el cerrito. but neighbors have oned a vasmght surveillance video. sergio quinn tap na is live with the details. reporter: well, terry, there are some homes in this neighborhood that have and pretty
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of a los angeles county deputy, two carjackings. the chase near seattle and now these pending murder charges. >>> a shocking charge against two law students. they are both 24 and they were arrested in las vegas for beheading an exotic bird. the two chased a 14-year-old bird into the trees at the flamingo hotel's wildlife habitat. they came out with the body and the severed head. the bird was a helmeted guinea fowl. they were charged with malicious killing of wildlife. >>> san jose emergency response personnel found that the longer respops times due to the lack of police officers is putting people's lives in danger. this is a story you will see only on abc7. earlier this month, police responded to an officer involved shooting at a cal trans station. hours later they were called to an altercation at a check cashing business where someone was injured. no police units were available. paramedics were there, but they had to wait for police to arrive to secure the scene. in the meantime, the victim goes on. >> we train to save lives and to not sit there with idle hands. >> they state that c
Oct 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to make the trip across los angeles. >> inching along a mere two miles an hour, it is hardly the high speed chase we are used to seeing in los angeles. but it is just as much of a nailbiter. here the shuttle came within millimeters of hitting the street lamp. >> it is pretty amazing. >> it feels like i am part of history. >> endeavor has made 2 tiff missions to space, traveling 122 million miles. but the journey on the ground has been a law gist cal challenge. >> just imagine clearing a space for a 78-foot wingspan. that's half the width of a football field. the shuttle weighs 80 tons. that's the equivalent of 42 cars. so heavy that thousands of metal plates were used to reinforce the roads. nearly 400 trees were needed to be cleared from the 12-mile journey. even power lines were used for the tail which stands five stories tall. >> and liftoff for the final launch of endeavor. >> and after 25 dedicated years on-the-job, endeavor completed its three-day journey home to the california science center. where it can finally enjoy some well deserved time off. abbie boudreaux. >> never joke
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
't know what caused the collision. >>> smooth sailing for drivers in los angeles. the 405 reopened after a weekend closure. localed called it the carmadegon2. it was closed through the sepulveda pass so they could demolish a bridge and add another traffic lane. >>> a fundraiser for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon young strong. he was killed in alamo earlier this month. a restaurant in alamo is donating 20% of the proceeds 20* younstrom's family. the support has been tremendous. >> the community out reach because i have done this has just been unbelievable. i have had people pledge cash and we have a website with the fallen organization. we have worked closely for a longtime here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow to drop off their donations to the restaurant. uc berkeley is one of just nine universities worldwide hosting financially disadvantaged students. primarily from sub saharan africa. the program is meant to empower these young students and bring change to their countries. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has their st
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and the los angeles galaxy had police calling for reinforcements. it happened at half time during the game in santa clara. galaxy fans threw punches and set off smoke bombs. police in vallejo killed a naked man after he jammed a rifle that his roommate's stomach. the two broke windows in rine renne tall cows and several cars in the front yard and then set the house on fire. the bridge will be open at 5:00 a.m. as promised. that's what cal trans is telling us. contractors finished two weeks of work in one. that means the bridge is not going to be closed next weekend as was previously announced. new developments in the deadly mass shooting. police revealed a restraining order against the gunman was issued three days ago. authorities believe the shooter may have used a flammable liquid to fuel a fire in the spa in brookfield, wisconsin. >> police say the 45-year-old stepped into a luxury spa on sunday morning and began shooting. >> we heard a loud shriek. >> the assault terrorized the wisconsin community. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon. she was bleeding in the neck. >> they locked
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. and at costco in los angeles tonight people line up to buy gas before prices go even higher. good evening. >> if your station hasn't hit 5 dollars a galietta likely just a matter of days. triple a reports the average police oakland writ now is 4.34 a gallon leaping 9 cents from just yesterday. it's 4.43 in san francisco. 4.38 in san jose up 8 cents overnight. lisa is live for news san jose tonight. lisa? >> at this chevron in san jose the praise for regular gas changed twice today. at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon that sign said 4.23 and at 4:00 o'clock wept up 46 cents. no words are required to feel the driver pain. gas at this station in san bruno is over 5 dollars a gallon. >> 5.19. my god i can't count that high for 89 not even premium. >> last time this bad in california was 2008. and this spike is supposed to be even worse. the reason? gasoline shortage. due to pipeline outage and closure in southern california and the chevron refinery fire in richmond in august. whole sale praise up 1 dollar means the price at the pump is shooting up too. >> 170 dollars for 35 gallon. >
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
our state, los angeles, statewide, very comfortable temperatures for this time of year. 76 for l.a. tomorrow. fresno, 81. tahoe, 62. and sacramento tomorrow, 78. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll have a really nice day tomorrow, so partly sunny conditions, temperatures inland in the 70s. mid-60s around the bay. even low 60s at the coast, and then we'll thicken the clouds monday and tuesday, leading to a slight chance of a few isolated showers and mainly south of san jose, the higher elevations, start to warm things up. >> ama: mike shumann is here, hoping for better news out of at&t park. >> mike: i'm only the naifnlgt ran into a red-hot cincinnati team. and the a's didn't fare much better, verlanderÑ/&Ñfñ!ñx1q1q >> mike: giants hosting the reds. game one of the nlds. matt cain on the hill. giants fans were pumped up and ready to go. jonny cueto started but had back spasms. you can see the frustration on his face walking off the field. almost in tears-but his replacement, sam he lecure, solid, inning and two-thirds, struck out buster posey. reds broke the scorele
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
that is, lock for some sunshine there. los angeles 81, 81 for fresno. 79 degrees for sacramento. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds through the bay area. we head into our tuesday and then on wednesday the clouds thicken up. it looks like rain is moving up. the north bay in the afternoon, and it looks like halloween night -- the ticker tape parade will be dry. >> thank you, leigh. and rick quan has been joining us. mike shumann is in detroit. >> yes, she in detroit. when we come back we will hear >>> well, for the second time in three years the giants are world champs. they completed a four-game sweep of detroit with a 4-3 victory in 10 innings. let's go out to comerica park where they were getting the world championship trophy ready. the giants took an erred -- n early lead. belt drives home pe nce. it was an r.b.i triple. the tigers did something in the third they had not done all series, take a lead. with a man on, the triple crown winner cabrera takes cain deep and it was 2-1 detroit. mvp candidate buster posey came through with a shot down the left field line. it i
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
out for president obama in los angeles. what's ahead for him this week in the bay area. and new details about the meningitis scare and why one company that could be behind the problem is now pulling all of its products off the shelves. and the space resupply mission to the international spacestation and how you can catch a >>> president obama was on a fundraising swing in california. tomorrow they will be in san francisco. no stoping signs are springing up outside the inter continental hotel and the bill graham civic auditorium. the president will host the event in the hotel at 4:00 and move to the auditorium at 5:00 for a fundraising concert. with a month to go until the election there is no rest for either candidate. karen travers has the latest on the campaign trail. >> california is safely in president obama's corner, but he is not there looking for votes. he is raising campaign cash, a lot of it. >> are you fired up? >> tonight the stars came out. george clooney, stevie wonder, jon bon jovi and katie perry are on hand to support the president's re-election. >> everything we
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10